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The Many Mysteries of Love

by 05/01/2022
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

A little boy sits on the wood floor. In a small room with a rocking horse in the corner. A stuffed teddy bear is on his pillow. There is a small soft blanket, the one he holds at night, in a chair. The smell of the room is comforting.  Twenty years later, standing in the […]

Facebook Censors a Haitian Cultural Foundation

by 09/13/2020
Neighborhood: Flatbush

Elisabeth Moscoso Piquion Untitled 2002 Photo: Toussaint Louverture Cultural Foundation   In a disheartening example of its bizarre and arbitrary standards, Facebook is censoring Haitian art. This summer Facebook Ads rejected a painting by Haitian artist Elisabeth Moscoso Piquion, that appears on the Artist of the Week webpage of the Toussaint Louverture Cultural Foundation, labeling it “Adult […]

Al Pimsler: A Man’s Men’s Illustrator

by 01/20/2015
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

A dapper anomaly in those still shaggy post-Woodstock years, he walked with purpose and panache to the Saks Fifth Avenue offices where he took up residence at the drawing table. Handsome. Diminutive yet self-assured, debonaire, even–an outdated word, but it suited. With a full head of white hair waving back from a fulcrum of dark […]

A Dark and Stormy Night

by 01/07/2013
Neighborhood: Uncategorized, West Village

Three days after a storm that could have easily been called Gidget or Bob in keeping with the unintended frivolity of its real name – Sandy, two people are sitting on a bench in a dark chaotic lobby of an artists’ residence on the west side of Manhattan. One, a sculptor, is waiting for her […]

Outsiders at the Outsider Art Fair

by 04/13/2004
Neighborhood: SoHo

At the Outsider Art Fair – held in the Puck Building from January 23rd-25th – there were as many men with ponytails as there were terms to describe the art they had come to buy: grassroots, vernacular, folk, visionary, Nueve Invention. Yet there was little question as to who were the most important artists in […]

Chico’s Loisaida

by 04/11/2004
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

The spray-painted image of Tony’s tightly clipped mustache and smooth fade is beginning to show its age — but his dark eyes still stare out intently from the wall at indifferent passersby. This is still the Loisaida, he might boast: Spanglish for the Lower East Side. Tony’s pupils are guarded, harboring the memory of the […]