Raanan Geberer


Raanan Geberer grew up in the Bronx, went to the Bronx High School of Science, and currently lives in Chelsea with his wife Rhea and his cat Bonnie. He's a semi-retired journalist whose most recent job was as managing editor for the revived Brooklyn Daily Eagle and who still writes a local history column for the Straus chain of weekly newspapers in Manhattan. He graduated SUNY Binghamton (B.A.) and Boston University's School of Communications (M.S.J.). Aside from writing, music is his main hobby, and he plays several instruments.


Tri-State Grocer

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Sexual Frustration at the NYPD Police Academy

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My Pelham Parkway—an Old Friend Fades Away

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When the Therapist Lost Her Mind

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King of Handball

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The Slow Death of a Magazine

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The Piano

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The 1977 Blackout Hits Co-op City

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The Slow Death of Dan Dinnerstein

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