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Below 14th

by 05/30/2013
Neighborhood: East Village, Lower East Side

In 1984 Jacob Margolies returns to his old neighborhood, the Lower East Side and can't believe the change - in the people as well as the place.

Body English

by 05/25/2013
Neighborhood: Clifton, Staten Island

Tom Diriwachter used a little "body English" to find his childhood passion - bowling.

On Randall’s Island

by 10/18/2012
Neighborhood: Randall's Island

Candy Schulman considers the past and present, as she watches her daughter play soccer on Randall's Island.

A Forgotten Game

by 03/27/2012
Neighborhood: Jackson Heights

Peter Wortsman experiences a brief shining moment as hero of the slap ball court, only to be overshadowed by other events of the day.

Date Night At The Gambling Den

by 02/15/2012
Neighborhood: Midtown

Ellioute Green learns that the underground poker rings of New York aren't as glamorous as the movies would have you think.

King of Handball

by 01/24/2012
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

Raanan Geberer looks at the life and experiences of an aging handball hero.

Passing For 62

by 12/15/2011
Neighborhood: Uncategorized, Union Square, Williamsburg

Brent Shearer tries to defraud the city's Parks Department by asking for a senior citizen discount on his tennis permit... and eventually gets away with it.

Overheated In Gravesend

by 06/20/2011
Neighborhood: Gravesend

Candy Schulman remembers the hot old days in Gravesend, Brooklyn.

The Haters: The Angriest Softball Team in New York City

by 10/01/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

Patrick Sauer takes in a not-so-friendly neighborhood softball game in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Greatest Game

by 07/19/2009
Neighborhood: Across the River, Letter From Abroad

Playwright Ron West plays the greatest game of his life, after needlessly directing seven one-woman shows.

Playing Games With Kamran Shirazi

by Thomas Beller 06/04/2006
Neighborhood: West Village

Shirazi is recognized as one of the best practitioners of Blitz (high speed chess) in the country

A Biker in the City

by Thomas Beller 06/03/2006
Neighborhood: Midtown

Only a bicycle can provide the ideal perspective on the quilt of neighborhoods that meld seamlessly into one another.