Event Horizon & The Baby Blue Jordans



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Neighborhood: East Harlem

“The movie was mad nice,” said Anissa.

“That movie was the dumbest movie I ever seen,” Brian answered. “It was a waste of money. I thought that Event Horizon would be the scariest movie of the month, but turns out it was just another dumb movie.”

Anissa answered, “The only reason you think it’s dumb is because you’re dumb and you didn’t understand it like all the rest of the movies we see all the time.”

It was the hottest day of the summer and it was school vacation so no one had a curfew. Me and my two friends Anissa and Brian had decided that a week before the movie Event Horizon comes out we would see the premiere.

The day before, Brian and Anissa had gone shopping and Brian bought a baby blue shirt to wear to the movies. He asked Anissa if she could lend him her baby blue Jordans that just came out in order to match his new shirt. Anissa and Brian wear the same size and it wasn’t the first time they shared sneakers. Anyway, the three of us decided to go to the movies on 86 Street and Third Avenue since it was least crowded. It was around 7:30 p.m. and the movie had just finished. We decided to go hang out at Brian’s house for a while since his mother was away.

Brian lives on 114th and First Avenue, so we started to walk towards First Avenue from 86th Street to 114th Street. As soon as we reached 106th Street, Anissa, who always has an opinion for everything, said “That movie was so scary, in order to understand it you got to keep on with it.”

“No, see, that movie is stupid,” said Brian. “I thought it was going to be a lot scarier but I hardly was able to keep up with it. One minute one guy is dead and then five minutes later the guy is alive.”

Anissa said, “Actually, the problem is you’re just so dumb that you don’t know what’s going on so it don’t matter what you think.”

I’m just standing there laughing because by now we’re standing on 106th not moving, just standing there while both are arguing back and forth. Brian really hates it when Anissa calls him dumb because he feels that’s disrespect to him. The last argument they had was because she had called him dumb, and he had told her already about how he felt but Anissa had forgotten.

Well, one thing led to another and Anissa said, “I’m not going to step down to your level and argue about some stupid movie and plus I don’t want nobody to see me arguing with a DUMB person, so I’m going home because right now you’re not my favorite person.”

Brian then opens his big mouth and yells, “That’s the best thing you have said the whole day.”

Anissa by now was heading to 105th Street and then she turns back with quickness and says, ”You know what? Take off my sneakers and walk your ass home, you dumb retard.”

I stood there trying to tal Friday 2:21:06 PM 7/30/2004k to her, telling her not to do that, and I also told her she was real immature. I told her that if she liked I would walk him home and once he takes off the sneakers, I’ll walk back and give her the sneakers.

While I was trying to talk to her, Brian already had untied the sneakers and just handed them to her. Brian said, “ Take your sneakers, you dumb idiot.”

Brian and Anissa both started walking off in different directions. Everyone was just looking at what just happened and other people were looking at Brian walking home with socks only.

There was this guy that offered to give Brian a lift home so that he don’t walk on his socks.

“Actually you know what you could do for me?” said Bryan. “Why don’t you mind your business and be on your merry way.”

The guy then said, “That’s why that girl made you walk home on your socks, cause you have a nasty attitude. And you know what, that’s good for you.”

After that incident, they don’t talk any more and it’s been over a year. One time I asked Anissa is she feels bad about not talking to Brian because of what happened. She told me that she feels bad because of what she did and that if it was to happen again she wouldn’t have done it.


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