A Day of Kindness



117th Street and Third Avenue, 10035

Neighborhood: East Harlem

It all started about a year ago in the summer time. We all finished going shopping, me and my mother, who is about five foot seven inches tall, wears glasses and is kind of chunky. Along with us was my little sister. We then decided to stop on 117th Street at 3rd Avenue for a bite to eat. Since we were across the street from McDonalds, we decided to go inside. The McDonalds is a big building on the corner of 117th Street and 3rd Avenue. It’s painted red and yellow. It was a very hot and sticky day outside, the sun was very bright.

While my mother was on line ordering the food a homeless man came in. He looked about five foot six inches tall,had curly hair, and was very dirty and wore an old ripped up long coat. He went around to everyone’s table begging them for food. Everyone rejected him in a negative matter. Just before he got to my table my mother sat down with our food. Once he arrived at our table my whole heart just fell.
“Would you be so kind and share some of your food with me?” he asked. Then I asked my mother, “Can I give him the rest of my French fries?” She said, “I don’t care its up to you.” I then gave him the rest of my French fries. After that he was thanking me over and over again. I also gave him a dollar to get something to drink. (French fries make your throat very dry.) After that I felt so good inside that all I could do was continue to smile over and over again.


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