128th St. and Lexington Ave., NY, NY

Neighborhood: East Harlem

It was a nice day, the sun was out and it wasn’t too hot or too cold it was just right. That after noon I was with my friends dub and Dee on the corner of 128th and Lexington Avenue chilling when Dee decided to go to the store. Now that we were walking to the store, dub, Dee and I saw this guy that was walking with an all black pit bull with dark green eyes and real sharp teeth. We looked at it, and we kind of got scared because we were imagining if the dog attacked us how would we handle the situation. We finally got to the store on Park Avenue and Dee got some chips and a soda, dub got a sandwich and I just bought some skittles. On our way back to where we was coming from, the guy was in the middle of the block on the same sidewalk we came from, which means we had to pass by him again. As we got closer we were kind of nervous because we didn’t know what to expect from the dog. The dog was just looking at us, and just when we were about to pass it, the dog snapped and jumped on dub. Dee and I was laughing, but when our eyes saw that the dog had his teeth into dub’s forearm the joking stopped. I started punching the dog in the head and Dee was giving the dog body shots, and it still wouldn’t let go of dub! Dub was screaming and crying because the dog had such a tight grip that it wasn’t trying to let go. Then Dee gave it one good kick in the face and it completely knocked the dog out for a couple of minutes. I called the ambulance to come get dub because the dog had bitten him very hard, so hard that you seen his flesh. Dub was rushed to the hospital, after that the dog woke up and everybody was stunned. They didn’t know how the dog was going to react, but as the dog started walking it kept on running into the wall and into people. “I guess after the beating we put on that dog, it made him blind” because he couldn’t see anything the way he was walking. About an hour later Dee took the dog to the roof of 126th and Lexington, building number 1775 where we both live and put the dog to sleep in his own way. Dub came home the same night, the doctors stitched him up and a couple of weeks later the scar healed up and he was all right; and as for Dee he said he never wants another dog again.


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