My Damn Sister



150 east 125th Street new york ny

Neighborhood: East Harlem

One day I was on the M60 bus going across 125th Street. It was a nice bright sunny day. There were lots of people who had just came from shopping, from all the stores on 125th Street. I was with my friend and my little sister, who is four. My little sister’s name is Maya. She is in Pre- K and is very smart for her age. She also talks a lot and repeats everything she hears. There were not that many people on the bus. It may have been about ten to fifteen people on the bus. The three of us were sitting alone. My friend and I were talking. Then all of sudden my little sister, who was eating French Fries from McDonald’s, spilled ketchup on her shirt. She realized that she had spilled ketchup on herself and she says,

“Damn, I spilled ketchup on my shirt.” So I, as her older sister, was in shock, because she does not normally curse. Another reason why I was in shock was because if was to I tell her to curse, she would say, “No, mommy told me not to say those words.” The first thing I did was laugh. Then I asked Maya, “What did you say?” She says, “I said, damn I spilled ketchup on my shirt,”

“Maya do you know you just cursed?” I said.
“No, I did not,” she said. “Yes, you did and I am telling mommy.” Well if you don’t tell her she won’t know.” she said. I know it’s not good to let little kids curse and I should not have laughed, but it was funny.


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