Street Fight



300 east 122nd Street new york, ny 10035

Neighborhood: East Harlem

The street fight had happened on 122nd between 2nd and 3rd Avenue in front of a bar. That was not the first fight that had happened on the block. There are many fight on that block. That block is real bad. The big issue that makes the block even worse is all the drugs and gun shootings that go on in the block. I think most of the street fights start because of drugs. There are always cops searching the bar because they think that drugs are hidden in there.

It was a Friday night around 10:30 p.m. when I went to go look for my mom in that bar. I thought she would be there because that’s where she be hanging out with her friends. I went to go ask her for some money. I was with my cousin. It was about seventy degrees but chilly. Everyone was in shorts and t-shirts. My mom was not in the bar that day. As me and my cousin was on the way out the bar, a man ran out first real frustrated like some one stole something from him. This man was about twenty-nine years old. He ran up on a man and started hitting him. This other man was like twenty-seven year old. As he was hitting him, he was saying, “Where the rest of my money?” Both men were drunk from drinking in the bar. They got the man off the other man and told them to shoot the fair ones. Both men began to fight. The older man hit the other man in the neck and he fell real fast. I knew they were drunk because they couldn’t even swing right. The man that fell got up and left. Two minutes later he came back to fight again. He wanted to show that he wasn’t scared of the other man. They started fighting again and he got knocked down again. Then the cops came and broke it up and it was over.


This essay was written as a part of a workshop.

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