Christine Nieland


A native of Chicago, Illinois, Christine Nieland graduated from Northwestern University. She has worked as a filmmaker, playwright, screenwriter, journalist and story editor in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. She worked as a staff writer for the late Chicago Daily News, and her work has appeared in The Chicago Sun-Times, the San Diego Union-Tribune, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered news broadcast, Esquire and other publications. Her stage plays have been presented at the Quaigh Theatre, the Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Summer workshop, the Pearl and WPA Theatre companies. Her play NINETEEN MEN was named a finalist for the 2008 O’Neill Theatre Conference. She currently works as a writer and story analyst for Great Point Media, and in her spare time, she’s a figure skater.


The River, the Floating Lanterns and the White Balloons

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Published on: 10/16/2014

The Clerk, the Librarian, the Hobbit and the Cop

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Published on: 01/08/2012

The Critical Moment

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Published on: 12/31/2010

And Bingo Was Her Name

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Published on: 02/06/2010

Twilight in the Toy Shop

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Published on: 02/22/2006

At the Edge of the Frozen Zone

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Published on: 09/01/2005