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At Home on the Church Steps

by 02/08/2013
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Mindy Lewis' neighbor is evicted and living on the streets. Meanwhile his apartment sits empty.

Doormen For Romney

by 10/25/2012
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Basil Totem's loyalties to the left are tested when he is forced to spar with smart-ass OWS marchers.

New York Is Oakland

by 09/08/2012
Neighborhood: Financial District, SoHo, Union Square, Zuccotti Park

Svetlana Kitto joins the march north to Occupy Union Square.

The Clerk, the Librarian, the Hobbit and the Cop

by 01/08/2012
Neighborhood: Zuccotti Park

Christine Nieland visits Zuccotti Park and speaks to people on both sides of the yellow tape.

Bearded Strangers Unite!

by 01/08/2012
Neighborhood: All Over

Rob Williams' beard gives people frequent cause for misidentification.

Talking Back: My First Encounter with the Human Microphone

by 12/31/2011
Neighborhood: Financial District, Uncategorized

Jean Garnett witnesses Direct Democracy in action at a General Assembly meeting of Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park.

The Lucky One

by 08/16/2010
Neighborhood: Lower Manhattan, Manhattan

Emily Azur's lost her job in the wake of economic recession and while others struggle to meet life's demands, she reconciles herself.

A Fan’s Statistics

by 03/15/2008
Neighborhood: Jamaica, Queens

JB McGeever offers his perspective as a high school teacher in Jamaica, Queens.

I Am Not a Crook!

by 02/10/2008
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

Joseph E. Scalia was once a book stealer, towel stealer, and battery stealer. Now he's admitting it.

Brookti & Me: 3 Years On

by 02/10/2008
Neighborhood: Tribeca

Betsy Berne returns with harrowing stories of Brookti's experiences with racism.

Nature, or: Having Dinner with Four Men on a Saturday in February

by 06/01/2006
Neighborhood: West Village

The author begins an evening as the queen bee, at dinner with four men, and ends it in a vortex of alcohol and lithium

Memoirs of the Kerry Administration

by Thomas Beller 11/04/2004
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

They’re all New Yorkers now.