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Event Horizon & The Baby Blue Jordans

by 12/31/2003
Neighborhood: East Harlem

“The movie was mad nice,” said Anissa. “That movie was the dumbest movie I ever seen,” Brian answered. “It was a waste of money. I thought that Event Horizon would be the scariest movie of the month, but turns out it was just another dumb movie.” Anissa answered, “The only reason you think it’s dumb […]


by 07/16/2003
Neighborhood: Central Park

I was a New York City Urban Park Ranger usually stationed in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, but for this day I was detailed out to Central Park, the park of my childhood. In Van Cortlandt Park I knew where the hophornbeam trees lived in a valley of white oaks and tulip poplars. I […]

Inventing Life Stories

by 06/01/2003
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

The train lurches out of 33rd Street, and I fall, more than sit, into a seat that has miraculously become available at the height of rush hour. A slight but not unhandsome man beside me helps me catch my balance. “Come here often?” he jokes, and I laugh briefly, and his eye catches mine for […]


by 01/19/2003
Neighborhood: Midtown

When Regina Moss no longer resembled the sincere sandy-haired gentleman on his driver’s license, job-hunting threatened to become Grand Guignol. The Taxi-Limousine Commission (the least friendly form of TLC) confiscated his doctored I.D., making destitution natural as sunrise — not hours away but close enough. Bi-weekly female hormone shots had to be paid for as […]

Co-Op City Blues

by 01/02/2003
Neighborhood: All Over, Bronx

At the time I was working at Brooklyn Academy of Music (still am, actually). I was 26 and living with my now ex-wife in the Bronx, in a place called Co-Op City. Co-Op City is a place just like all the other “Co-Op Cities”; a bunch of highrise type buildings built outside of the “ghetto” […]

Mixer at the Meat Market

by 09/03/2002
Neighborhood: Chelsea

The neighborhood is barren of niceties, wide cobbled streets separate low buildings of a century past, warehouses of animal flesh with racks for hooks hanging out over the freight doors where trucks deliver their carcass-cargoes. In the pale dead winter afternoon I stumble over ice and snow blocked gutters to a set of heavy glass […]

What is Flotsam?

by 09/03/2002
Neighborhood: On the Waterfront

There it was, in my Inbox, mocking me. Dragging me down to its oceanic depths. Instantly, drowning me in thoughts of that horrific day downtown in August of 2000 when I attempted to swim a mile in the Hudson River. The New York City Swims people e-mailed a friendly reminder to sign up for this […]

Lypsinka Speaks!

by 02/17/2002
Neighborhood: All Over, Manhattan

John Epperson is Lypsinka, but Lypsinka – the performace artist drag super star whose show, The Boxed Set, has been a smash hit at the Westbeth Theater since this past September, – is not John Epperson, or rather John is a lot of things in addition to being Lypsinka. John has agreed to keep a […]

Mediterranean Nights

by 01/03/2002
Neighborhood: West Village

I was a regular at the Café Feenjon, on MacDougal Street, in the West Village in the early ’70s. I was in my mid-twenties then and my older sister and I frequented the spot at least once a week. The club showcased Middle-Eastern Music: Israeli, Arabic and Greek. The menu featured non-Kosher Middle-Eastern food, which […]