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West Side Judaica: “He had a chance to go big”

by 12/15/2015
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

The story behind the Upper West Side store

Exhaustion, Faith, or Madness

by 12/12/2014
Neighborhood: Jackson Heights, Queens, Uncategorized

As I wander about in a drowsy daze trying to find it, I take in some interesting sights that get me thinking about the meaning of “diversity” – that superficial buzzword often associated with this neighborhood.

Colin Powell, Elvis Presley, and Mario Cuomo

by 06/12/2014
Neighborhood: Kew Gardens Hills, Queens

John Oliver Hodges screws in a lightbulb for a Jewish family but doesn't stay for dinner.

An Education on Avenue B

by 03/23/2014
Neighborhood: East Village

In 1971, Jacob's world was turned upside down when his parents decided to send him to a Jewish Day School on the Lower East Side.

It’s Not A Cult

by 10/10/2012
Neighborhood: All Over, JFK/LGA, Letter From Abroad

Esme Hoffman shares a transcontinental flight with a very unusual young man.

Facing The Day

by 06/25/2012
Neighborhood: All Over, Chelsea, Gramercy Park, West Village

Judith Luongo finds oneness in pools of blue.

Can’t Say No

by 01/24/2012
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill

Maggie O'Connell recounts experiences she had while a member of the NSA, now known as SGI (Soka Gakkai International), founded on Buddhist principles that were ignored by some of the organization's leaders.

We Had Never Heard of Pearl Harbor

by 12/09/2011
Neighborhood: Uncategorized, Upper West Side

Fred Abrahams remembers growing up in an Orthodox community as a German Jewish refugee on the Upper West Side in 1941.

Chola’s Habit

by 11/16/2011
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Flo Gelo recalls feelings about her sister's costume from a middle school play.

The Day the World Did Not End

by 07/08/2011
Neighborhood: Harlem, Uncategorized

On May 21, 2011, Robin Kilmer enjoyed her last day on earth only to find that it was not her last day on earth.

The Honda Healing

by 07/31/2010
Neighborhood: Bronx

Amelia Blanquera is our guide from a Puerto Rican version of a sweat lodge to a spiritual trip in a 4WD Honda.

The Last Day

by 06/03/2010
Neighborhood: Windsor Terrace

The last day of school before summer after sixth grade was bittersweet for Kenneth P. Nolan, involving both Coney Island and the death of a classmate.