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Subway CPR

by 04/26/2016
Neighborhood: Times Square

His face was a pale green, his eyes rolled in the back of his sockets—an ordinary man on an ordinary day. Until now, lying on a subway floor.

Underground Analysis

by 02/08/2016
Neighborhood: All Over

“Which do you think it is?” I asked. “She wants something, or she's done something she hasn’t told you about that’s going to make you furious?”

My Damn Love Affair

by 01/18/2016
Neighborhood: All Over, Uncategorized, Upper West Side

The New York of the 80’s was not a town that met you halfway. It really didn’t give a damn what happened to you.

Spa Day

by 09/06/2014
Neighborhood: Coney Island

A Groupon spa day outing goes downhill.... fast.

On the Train in Winter

by 02/08/2014
Neighborhood: Across the River, All Over, Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens, Downtown Brooklyn, Gowanus, Greenwich Village

The F Train offers a partial escape from the cold, and the arrival of a stranger causes Ryan Lejarde to stumble towards a realization.

That’s Mad Creepy, Bro

by 01/01/2014
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

I’m on the E train and a child who isn’t mine is leaning her head on my left shoulder. She is sleeping and I don’t quite know what to do yet.

Respect for the Dead

by 04/08/2013
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Claudette Bakhtiar has to look. Wouldn't you?

Found in Transit

by 02/09/2013
Neighborhood: All Over, Grand Central Station, Union Square

Joelle Burger boards a 4 train, heading uptown to study for the bar exam. She deboards the train in tears, but a lesson has been learned.

From Ditmars Blvd. (the Last Stop)

by 02/03/2013
Neighborhood: Astoria

From Ditmars Blvd. (the Last Stop). Abigail Frankfurt's homage to Allen Ginsberg’s America

I Know The Way To Brooklyn

by 01/15/2013
Neighborhood: Prospect Heights

Linda Umans returns to Brooklyn to find an old friend.

After the Storm

by 12/28/2012
Neighborhood: All Over

Peter Wortsman has an interesting run-in with a fellow commuter who is equally stunned by the changes he sees after the storm.

In The Living Room Of The Beggar

by 04/13/2012
Neighborhood: Brighton Beach

Glora Manuilova accidentally becomes a home-invader, trespassing along with dozens of daily commuters.