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  1. […] Like yesterday’s Luc Sante piece, here’s another older interview I recently stumbled upon, this one from 2002 with Fran Lebowitz in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood. […]

  2. Bea Weiner says:

    I am an 83 year old female who has just “discovered” Fran Lebowitz. I watched one half of an interview that was shown on HBO.
    She is, in my estimation, an extremely wise, outspoken woman with tremendous intellect, which I so admire in ANY person, since so few people are truly intelligent.
    Now I have to search for which books she has written (plays also) and I would love to meet her, if I didn’t have to speak much. My way of thinking has changed so significantly since I turned 80 and I believe, that for the first time in my life, I am developing a wee bit of wisdom and, I suppose, I’m trying to grasp everything, in my later years. I’m grateful for the fact that I have about 75% of my mental capabilities still with me. I would love to hear her speak or lecture but seldom read about where she might be in New York City. (I am in Brooklyn).
    As the kids of today say: “way to go, Fran”.

  3. Sheri Whitley says:

    How is it that I am 47 years old and only just now stumbled across Ms. Lebowitz? She is fascinating, and hilarious. Thank you HBO for the documentary.

  4. mort says:

    I am 76 and angry……………………..how could I have lived this long and not be familiar with Fran Liebowitz?? I must spend too much time doing all the wrong things……………every word makes sense to me, and this worries the heck out of me. Thank you Fran for demonstrating there are places in my mind that have not been used……..it fills me with optimism. Not a bad thing, as one can treat mania with Jack Daniels but depression is never satisifed

  5. elvan says:

    I loved the movie about her. I am glad to discover her .And How come I have not until now. Sad I say.
    There are not many people left who had dept and who talks their mind so wonderfully anymore.

  6. Ana says:

    Tengo 55 años. Cómo es que nunca había oido hablar de de Fran Lebowitz? Gracias por el documental. Me pareció una fabulosa mujer. Ahora estoy en búsqueda de sus libros!!!

  7. mort says:

    thanks again I will be in N Y in october. Im hosting a lunch at the carolyle celebrating financial social networking on yahoo message boards. our board has the stock of the year, up 3000% so far , so I invited everyone on the board to ny for lunch on me. Id love to meet Fran. I understand the multiple people bouncing around in her brain………….My avocation is conservation of information see http://www.thebodyofknowledge.org …….Fran’s thoughts are not containable but this interview helps

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