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The White Sock Moment

by 05/25/2024
Neighborhood: Lower Manhattan

Years ago, I coined the term “White Socks Moment” to describe that instant when you are suddenly and jarringly turned off by a romantic interest because of something distasteful and unusual happening. The kids today refer to this phenomenon as “the ick”. Once I was turned off by a guy – who had seemed so […]

Minefields on Memory Lane: Paris vs. New York

by 10/14/2023
Neighborhood: Paris

Chestnuts bloom in Paris Memory undoes me. I am wistfully envious of folks whose past unfurls behind them with focus and drama, like a highway seen from the back of a childhood station wagon, or a vast Midwestern plain viewed from an airplane window above. The clarity of their vision, its narrative continuity and expanse, seem […]

Trying to Cash in Nazi Stamps for a Millennium Falcon

by 09/23/2023
Neighborhood: Brighton Beach

In the fall of 1980, The Empire Strikes Back had already come out and while I was getting tired of my Star Wars action figures, I really, really, really wanted a Millennium Falcon spaceship playset. It was huge, cool and could fit my 3.75” action figures without issue. But at $29.99 it was expensive for a 12 year old […]

Happy Father’s Day

by 06/15/2019
Neighborhood: Bronx, New Jersey

The phone call came on a steamy summer morning, while I was stuck in traffic on the Central Park transverse, the Met’s Temple of Dendur off to my right. A nurse from my father’s hospital equivocated her way through the call. He had been in failing health. “Where are you now?” she finally asked, with […]

Paradise Lost in the East Bronx: Starlight Park

by 07/14/2018
Neighborhood: East Bronx

Of all the places in New York City during the 40’s, “paradise” could be found in the East Bronx. Adjoining the Bronx River, when it was clean and frisky, a magical park with a huge pool in the round, surrounded by beach sand. In a world where basketball was king, here was a lovely but […]