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125th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, 10027

Neighborhood: Harlem

I can remember one Saturday evening, a nice and beautiful day in April. It was about 70 degrees and everyone was happy, showing smiling faces and enjoying the weather. I was at work on 125th Street between 7th & 8th Avenues at McDonalds and it was busy as usual. Then a maniac came inside the store and he began bothering and harassing customers. He was brown skinned, had corn rows going straight back, with a tee shirt on with dark blue jeans. He then got on my co-worker’s line and placed his order of two double cheeseburgers and a small fry, which came up to a total of $3.25. He gave her the money, which was exactly $3.25 so she took the money and closed the register. He told her she forgot to give him his change. She told him that he doesn’t get any change back, because he gave her the exact amount. A manager came over and drawer changed her register and she counted it. It was straight, no money missing, no money short, so they told him and he began acting like a fool, cursing and carrying on. So she gave him his food and told him to have a nice day. He stood around the store and began harassing and annoying more customers.

My cousin began taking this lady’s order. She had on a red shirt and a blue jean skirt and the man began harassing her while she was placing her order. She then told my cousin to hold her food and she will be right back. So she went outside and used her phone and came back inside the store and the man that was harassing her was still in the store. Then the next minute I noticed two men came walking in the store. They were both about six feet tall. They walked up to the man and began attacking him. The man then began running and grabbing on the customers, they were pushing him off of them and they were trying to make their way out of the store. While the fighting was going on, I was behind the ice cream machine watching. After the men hit him a couple of times they fled the scene. Then the maniac jumped on top of the counter and was demanding that he get a knife, “Give me a f**king knife.” As soon as he jumped on the counter all of the employees jumped back. There were lots of things running through my head when he jumped on the counter. I thought he was going to rob us because he was psycho? My manager called the cops and they came about forty minutes later. Thank God no one was seriously hurt.


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