Brand New Leather Jacket



200 Pleasant Ave, New York, NY 10029

Neighborhood: Harlem

It was a beautiful November afternoon. I was relaxing in my house located in Wagner Projects, when I realized that I had enough money saved up to buy the leather jacket I wanted. So I went in my sneaker box, where I had $500 saved and went to a store called Jan’s.

Jan’s is located on 122nd and 3rd Avenue across the street from V.I.M., the clothing store. Jan’s is my favorite clothing store to shop at, once you see it you can’t miss it–you have to look at the store, it is all glass with manikins in the window with the latest style clothes.

As I walked into the store I got attacked by the guy who works there, his name is Courtey-O. That is my man; he knows that every time I come in there I will purchase something. So as he was talking my ear off trying to sell me some sweat suits I had my eye on this eye popping, butter soft, all black leather coat brand name Pelle Pelle. I told him to let me try it on, and the coat did not fit. I put my arms up and it was looking like I borrowed the coat from Michael Jackson. I asked him did he have another size and he said that was the last coat. I was a little upset because I really wanted that coat, I began to exit the store, but something told me to look up, and I saw this checkerboard box leather with all solid colors like black, grey and white. With no Ifs, Ands, or Buts, I decided that I was going to buy that jacket.

I asked my man Courtey-O , “What is the price of the jacket?” and he said $750. I looked at him like he was stupid, and told him that I only have $400 when I really had $500.

So I did what I always do. I went to the manager, his name is Jans, he is real cool. Jans usually gives me discounts on everything as long as I have the money on the spot. So as usual did not take long for Jans to give in. He gave me the coat for $400. As I walked out the store knowing that I got a good deal for a coat that was damn near half off. I just said to myself, “Damn! I’m good!”


This was written as part of a workshop.

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