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The Turtle Pond

by 04/16/2017
Neighborhood: Central Park, Featured, Manhattan

Despite my eagerness to come to New York, I was disillusioned my first few months living there. I spent more time in my room than out on the streets I had so romanticized, and which always seemed to disappoint with their dirty pavements. But I’m growing to love New York for what it is rather than for my fantasized idea of it.

Performance, Anxiety

by 06/01/2014
Neighborhood: Central Park

A twenty-something New Yorker passes time waiting people-watching in Central Park, thinking about what's missing.

Pimping Trixie

by 02/02/2014
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Nancy Stiefel tells the tale of pimping her Upper West Side poodle, Trixie, to the many dog walkers of Central Park.

The Liquor Store Bag In The Tree

by 07/26/2012
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Sam DeFazio's grudge match with a bodega bag in the tree across the street is still at a stalemate three years after it first began.

A Special Hidden Place

by 06/21/2012
Neighborhood: Central Park, Midtown

Elizabeth Titus runs into an old neighbor while taking her piebald dachshund, Mr. Henry Longfellow, to the park.