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Lost and Found

by 04/27/2014
Neighborhood: Uncategorized, West Village

It’s not supposed to be this easy, I thought. And of course it wasn’t. Over the next few years I wrote several more stories, amassing a collection of encouraging rejection letters

Newt The Rare Book Man

by 01/27/2014
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, Uncategorized

Standing on the corner of West Fourth Street and Washington Square East, selling used paperback books off of a folding card table.

Get Busy

by 05/22/2012
Neighborhood: East Village

Damian Van Denburgh moved to New York thinking he had lots of time to waste, until he met others who had once believed that as well.

Cleanup in Aisle Five

by 08/05/2005
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

A recipe for disaster so disgusting, that you would have to have been born 60 years old not to find it hilarious.

Reflections on Glass

by 07/24/1999
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Park Slope