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You’re Out of the Night

by 06/17/2016
Neighborhood: Flushing, Lower East Side, Queens, Uncategorized

On Match.com, Ken’s moniker was “Dull.” He wrote that among his favorite things were office carpeting, spam, and waiting rooms. “I bet he lives in one of those storage units off the highway,” my friend Meg said as she read over my shoulder. My own profile was styled after Nancy Drew. Hair color? Titian. Hobbies? […]

The Tape

by 04/26/2016
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Chelsea, Jackson Heights, Manhattan, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Sunset Park

-1- Once upon a time, there existed a New York City economy where a young person fresh out of college could, with a straight face, think in terms of “building a career.” Imagine such optimism. The notion of “career” seems so trite now, forty-plus years on, so immaterial, in this age of downsizing, outsourcing, off-shoring. […]

Before and After: Stories From New York

by Over Fifty Writers 02/04/2002
Neighborhood: All Over

To order at Amazon.com, click here. "Before and After: Stories From New York vividly captures the fissure of a place suddenly and utterly transformed… It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate or more moving collection of voices." —San Francisco Chronicle This is a book of true stories about New York, written, for the most part, […]

the 911 call

by 10/01/2001
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

American Airlines flight 574 bound for the Dominican Republic came apart in the air and crashed to the ground in Far Rockaway. Many of the firefighter’s who had lost their lives in the WTC collapse lived in Far Rockaway. This happened at about 9:15 in the morning. Far Rock is 17 miles from my apartment‹too […]