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Neighborhood: Outer Boroughs, Queens

Ladies! Who are suffering from terrible and terrible hair days all the time. Who always get out of your house in such pissed off mood because your hair is not shaped the way you want. Who must get up earlier than others to calm your hair down and end up dozing off at work Who are just simply dissatisfied with the hair you were born with…

It is time for you to cast a magic spell on your hair and turn yourself into the beautiful and charming girl you are.

Hair does the magic. Let me tell you that after I got this magic straight perm, the way my boyfriend treated me was totally flipped. After spending the whole day at Hama hair, I became the most beautiful woman in the world with straight and silky hair from a typical white chick who has a puffy and curly hair. Not just your boyfriend but your friends tell you how pretty and charming you look. Even at your work, your boss becomes impressed by the way your hair looks. Just straight, and magical and the shine that makes your hair looks so healthy. How can anyone resist but to compliment and ask where you got your hair done?

Every morning I wake up and touch my hair. I feel how soft and smooth my hair is. I feel how soft and smooth my hair is. It is just plainly silky. It would turn every guy on. I gained a lot of self-confidence through this. So you ladies gotta try and check this store out in Queens.

So Queens have a lot of these small stores that do magic perm. Yet, there aren‚t that many places that do it well. When I first went out to look for one of these shops, my friend, Jessica told me not to do it because it just might come out looking messed up. And will permanently ruin my hair. Well, although I was threatened first, I got myself together and thought about all those days I suffered because of my bad hair. And I made up my mind that I must look for the shop that would make me look fabulous. There was no looking back.

So I talked to several Korean workers I was acquainted with about the hair place. And four out of six fellow ladies recommended me Hama Hair. One of my Korean workers had a real nice long hair that everyone envied. She said she got her hair done at Hama and I could not wait to get there and get this procedure started.

So I went in the morning on Tuesday, which was the day I got off. Although it was a weekday, there were already three people before me. When a lady asked me what I want, I told her I want magic straight. She smiled and said “you will look great with a nice long silky hair.”

It was hard to believe but I did smile back and sat down. Then a lady about age twenty came up to me and began to observe my hair. After she finished talking to her boss, she took me to wash my hair. She shampooed my hair and lightly dried it. Then she told me she was going to put protective oil on my hair and skin so that chemicals would not damage them. She added other oil-like liquid onto the roots of my hair and told me that that would prevent my hair-roots from damages. After that, she put some more protective cream with vitamins in it. After a while, she brought chemicals in and started to drop it on my hair. After that, she wrapped my hair with plastic wrap and told me to sit under the heat lamp. I had to sit under it for ten minutes or so. After that, the lady came back and checked my hair. She was stretching, bending and combing my hair to check if the chemical was absorbed in. Then she washed my hair again and used some treatment stuff on it, which smelled so good. She dried my hair after that and took their iron out and began to straighten it. She separated my hair into small parts and straightened out all of them. After straightening, she put some more chemicals on my hair. She said that‚s for making my hair shiny. I had to wait about fifteen minutes more and then she washed my hair again. After all these procedures, she once again blow-dried my hair and there I was. A beautiful twenty six year old chick with a long silky hair that everyone is going to envy. When I was coming out of the store, I was so happy. The price was not expensive at all. After all, it was pretty cheap comparing to other places some people told me about at work. I tipped them well for making my hair look so awesome. I was already walking with confidence. I found a new girl in me. And she was charming and sexy.

Hama Hair 62-25 roosevelt ave woodside ny 11377 phone: 718-429-4488

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