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by 12/25/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Windsor Terrace

The only time my father talked about the War was when he was dying and Bud Pope came to visit in the hospital. “Remember the time I nearly killed the cook,” my father said somewhat weakly, “he wouldn’t give me enough food. And the Captain came over, Jack, Jack put down the gun, the only […]

The Office in the Afternoon

by 09/08/2003
Neighborhood: Midtown

The girl arrived late on a Friday afternoon and interrupted what I was doing. She refused to take a number and said she only had to collect her airline ticket and that she didn’t have time to wait. She had to get to the airport, she said. I was busy helping somebody, I explained with […]

The Rudolf Hearing

by 07/04/2003
Neighborhood: Across the River

Our Asheville, North Carolina, correspondent went down to witness the hearing of Eric Rudolph, suspected of bombing abortion clinics and the Atlanta Olympics, who was finally caught after being on the FBI’s most wanted list for five years. This is what he saw. The courhouse building was light granite, grey. The scene was dominated by […]

Forts and Fortifications

by 05/11/2003
Neighborhood: Across the River, Multiple

I was a fat, strange kid for whome Forts were very important. My parents used to drive from our upstate New York home to the Big Apple twice a year. For my parents those visits meant fine dining and Broadway shows . For me however, those visits meant Forts. Yes. Forts. I was interested in […]