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Instantly, Life Got Better

by 02/19/2014
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Together, Rory, 7, and I, 9, zoomed up 86th Street to Woolworth’s 5 & 10 for our “start the weekend” ritual: carefully look over all the records in the store’s basement after our pizza dinner on Second Avenue. “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” the Beatles first U.S. single came out the day after Christmas […]

Riding With Ellen DeGeneres

by 10/25/2010
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

For the past several minutes, I’ve been watching Ellen DeGeneres drive a cab around Columbus Circle behind a camera crew. The cab is old fashioned, with a big square grill and black-and-white checkerboard sides. Businessmen rushing by don’t notice her or don’t care if they do, and I stand with a few foreign tourists ready […]

You Bet Your Life

by 06/19/2010
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

After work, my father usually went to the racetrack or played poker with his pals in the Ansonia Hotel, a few blocks from our pre-war apartment on West 76th Street, so my mother and I were surprised to see him home early one evening. It didn’t take him long to tell us why. “Turn on […]

Why I Like Law & Order

by 03/25/2010
Neighborhood: West Village

What I like most about Law & Order is that it’s always on. For a long time I didn’t watch Law & Order, and then one day I did. I used to turn the TV on, flick around for something to watch, and on nearly every other channel find Law & Order reruns featuring either […]