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TuCan: The $1 Kingdom

by 05/22/2005
Neighborhood: Chinatown

I have given my neighborhood a trendy new name. TuCan. What does it mean? Too Close to Canal Street. My windows are over Canal Street, but my street is named “Lispenard.” Have you heard of it? Neither has any cab driver in New York City. Every day, I attempt to direct them to it. They […]

Bollywood at Radio City

by 03/15/2005
Neighborhood: Midtown

October 23 is a cold, gray Saturday. I get off the train F train at Rockefeller Center and step out onto Sixth Avenue, underneath Radio City Music Hall.  There is a film crew set up on the northwest corner of Sixth Avenue and 51st Street.  A white light fills the corner.  At the center of […]

The Joys of Picking Trash

by 01/24/2005
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

I imagine that grass-roots recycling for reuse and income must happen in every big city, but I’d never been aware of it at the constant and hyper-efficient level I’ve seen here in New York. In the university town where I used to live, students would discard their unwanted couches, lamps, microwaves and short-lived artifacts of […]