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Shop Around

by 01/09/2022
Neighborhood: Gramercy Park

My mama told me, “You better shop around, (Shop, shop)Oh yeah, you better shop around” (Shop, shop around)— Smokey Robinson & Berry Gordy, Jr. The store on East 23rd was my favorite Salvation Army Thrift Store, although there were several I visited often.  Most Saturdays I spent the whole day walking the streets of the […]

Mom’s Fondest Dreams (A play in one act)

by 11/04/2018
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

SETTING:  The time is the present. The location is a small, trendy Williamsburg retail establishment located a tasteful distance off Bedford Avenue, just across from P.S. 84. The legend on the door reads simply “leif” (for the benighted or initiates, the title appears to be a multi-valanced mixture of archaism [adv. OE gladly], urban slang […]

The Three Women

by 02/28/2011
Neighborhood: Union Square

“There’s three women in your life that will always be there,” he said. He had just sold me three pairs of socks for my daughter, and after he took my five-dollar-bill was ruffling through his wad of money. We were on the sidewalk across the street from Manhattan’s Union Square, and it was a warm […]

Tales From the Flea Market

by 04/05/2002
Neighborhood: Chelsea

I’ve been out of work for a month. My life is my own. No longer must I force myself through the routine of setting my alarm, waking up, dragging my tired body out of bed, taking a too-short shower, brewing coffee, forgetting to drink half of it, deciding what to wear, taking the subway, taking […]

The Demise of Broadway Farm

by 01/02/2002
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

When I first heard the rumor several months ago, it seemed absurd. Someone in my neighborhood said she’d heard that Broadway Farm, the poor man’s Fairway that had been anchoring the southwest corner of 85th street for a decade, was going to shut down to make way for a Victoria’s Secret. How could this be? […]

Hard Month

by 10/12/2001
Neighborhood: Midtown

The Cosmetics Plus at 57th and Broadway is having a clearance sale. They’re going out of business. I buy two small white tubs of Cool Goo at 20% off. The woman behind the counter is carefully made-up, but her appearance she self-describes with blunt accuracy to no one in particular: “My bags are twice the […]

Foot Fetish at the Food Emporium

by 01/11/2001
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

It was around 5 p.m. and I was on my way home. It was hot. I was tired. Feet hurt, and that’s not all. Spent all day standing in a heated sardine can courtroom in Housing Court. My back hurt. And my ego – after dumbass judge beat up on me for something I had […]