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The Turtle Pond

by 04/16/2017
Neighborhood: Central Park, Featured, Manhattan

Despite my eagerness to come to New York, I was disillusioned my first few months living there. I spent more time in my room than out on the streets I had so romanticized, and which always seemed to disappoint with their dirty pavements. But I’m growing to love New York for what it is rather than for my fantasized idea of it.

Dancing in the Dark

by 10/13/2014
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, Upper West Side

That's when I met him. Fourteen years my senior, in the theater, and unbeknownst to me on that night, a man with a very checkered past. I hadn’t yet heard of Freud or Oedipus. Even with my one short lived marriage to my high school sweetheart, behind me, all I believed in were happy endings.


by 08/31/2014
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

All I really know about Duke is that, just like me, he is from Texas. We had awkwardly talked about this on the first day of class when Duke had sat next to me, laughing too much at my awkward jokes and staring at me with his icicle blue eyes in a peculiar, unnerving way. But if you were to ask me to describe Duke I would say: a quiet storm.

Disappointment Smothered in Honey

by 05/04/2014
Neighborhood: Gramercy Park, Uncategorized

I’m hoping that my words will shoo away the silence and make him leave Thomas and I alone to unscrew the lids covering our hearts. We’re about to say how we feel about each other. I think.

Where To Begin

by 10/14/2011
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Kate Erickson suffers the pains of having a much better memory than a significant other.

Inventorying Hidden Spaces

by 03/07/2011
Neighborhood: Harlem, Upper West Side

Working at the Museum of the American Indian during the day and haunting jazz clubs at night, J.W. Rogers finds a new interest in the city's hidden spaces and an new interest in Jane.