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Rodney Street

by 02/26/2017
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

When Josh first moved to Rodney Street, I saw a home. This could be our home, I thought then. But the vision I had of his apartment is not the reality now.

Is My Arched Spine Still Pretty?

by 01/15/2016
Neighborhood: East Village, Manhattan, Uncategorized, Union Square

Right after it was done I wanted to try again, as if already I was searching for some way for him to give me more than he could.

We’ll Always Have The News

by 07/13/2015
Neighborhood: Herald Square

A breach of the rules of our relationship, not unlike showing up unannounced at a new fling’s apartment, flowers in hand, just to hang out.

Dead Horse Bay

by 11/12/2014
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

The day before hurricane Sandy hits New York I go to the beach. The subways are shut down. The mayor has recommended evacuation of coastal areas.

Dancing in the Dark

by 10/13/2014
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, Upper West Side

That's when I met him. Fourteen years my senior, in the theater, and unbeknownst to me on that night, a man with a very checkered past. I hadn’t yet heard of Freud or Oedipus. Even with my one short lived marriage to my high school sweetheart, behind me, all I believed in were happy endings.

Disappointment Smothered in Honey

by 05/04/2014
Neighborhood: Gramercy Park, Uncategorized

I’m hoping that my words will shoo away the silence and make him leave Thomas and I alone to unscrew the lids covering our hearts. We’re about to say how we feel about each other. I think.

Mayoral Control – A Love Story

by 09/01/2011
Neighborhood: All Over, Greenwich Village, Uncategorized

JB McGeever finds romance with a fellow public school teacher and learns a lesson in race as well as love.

Here Lies Jed

by 05/22/2011
Neighborhood: Prospect Park

With no backyard and unable to afford the cremation, Katie McDonough and her boyfriend did what they could to give their cat a proper burial.

The Longevity of Women

by 04/17/2011
Neighborhood: Uncategorized, Upper West Side

Peter Nolan Smith figures out why men don't live as long as women and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Yes To Carrots

by 03/06/2011
Neighborhood: East Village

Chloe Caldwell shares a lot in common with a woman she's never met: a lover, a bed, breakfast foods, and a fondness for high quality moisturizers.

A Flicker of Sadness in the Blue & Gold

by 12/31/2006
Neighborhood: East Village

A man from England learns that he is part of an awkward love triangle when he comes looking for his ex in NYC; then, drinking

Thanksgiving With The Blonde in The Brown Jacket

by 10/31/2006
Neighborhood: Harlem

The lyrical story of a man, a woman, a holiday, and a synecdoche--a smart love story