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Blackout ’03: Your Turtle Needs a Place to Rest

by 08/17/2003
Neighborhood: All Over, Manhattan

57th Street, 8th Avenue, midafternoon: I’m at the newsstand when the traffic light goes out. It has the same ominous, empty face a dark stoplight always has. Newsstand man looks up. His light went out too. We turn in tandem. The subway light is out. Now we look at each other. Not good. We shake […]

The Ghost of Rem Koolhaas

by the man with the funny camera 05/13/2003
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

The peculiar thing about these 360 degree images is that when shooting in low light, or when there is a lot of movement, individuals can blur to the point of being non-existent. My friend calls these barely present people “ghosts.” An example can be seen below. Never mind the couple making out passionately (when they […]

One Hour Till Midnight at the Post office

by Thomas Beller 04/16/2003
Neighborhood: Chelsea

The pictures on this page are 360 panoramic images. If you do not have Quicktime (and you’ll know if there are no pictures visible even after a minute), Download it here. These are not static pictures. You can move them left and right, up and down. To move the image: Hold down mouse button and […]