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by 03/09/2024
Neighborhood: All Over

– Part 1 – Before I moved to the apartment on the corner of Bleecker Street and the Bowery, before I had a child, before Danny, my husband, and I separated, we lived at 305 East 6th Street, between Second Avenue and First Avenue. I was pregnant, and we’d decided that we needed a larger […]

At Home on the Church Steps

by 02/08/2013
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

On a blustery December evening on my way to a friend’s dinner party, I stopped in front of a jumbo cardboard box on the steps of the church around the corner. “Jim?” I called out. A moment later a hand emerged and gave a little wave, followed by a head with tousled, graying hair. “Hi,” […]

Brooklyn Fields

by 10/01/2012
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill

New Yorkers have a different relationship to celebrity. You can’t swing a cat in this town without hitting a big shot, so we are more restrained or dismissive or tolerant when famous people materialize. And we are exposed to them at an early age. My first celebrity encounter was in 1984. I was playing frisbee […]