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by 05/12/2008
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

On Saturday night I walked from my apartment on the Lower East Side over to Housing Works in SoHo. It was a little after 8:00 at night and my intention was to spend a few pleasant hours drinking coffee and reading Grapes of Wrath. It was also a way to give my wife some time […]

Biking through the Apocalypse

by 02/22/2006
Neighborhood: Union Square

There is no commuter more unqualified to weigh in on the effects of the transit strike than a cyclist who lives and works in Manhattan – which is me. I have been riding a bicycle in the city for the last 12 years and have become so reliant (addicted might be a better word) on […]

On The Aesthetics of Urban Walking and Writing

by 03/24/2004
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

A tugboat, wheezing wreaths of steam, Lunged past, with one galvanic blare stove up the River I counted the echoes assembling, one after another Searching, thumbing the midnight on the piers. Lights, coasting, left the oily tympanum of waters The blackness somewhere gouged glass on a sky And this thy harbor, O my City, I […]

Death Visits the Waterfront

by 02/23/2004
Neighborhood: All Over, Manhattan

Distinct from other great cities of the world, Manhattan is almost pathologically averse to letting you wander to the river’s edge and get close enough to touch the water. It has erected a prophylactic wall of fences and other physical barriers, which over-protectively stave off potential accidents, intentional harm and, most of all, liability suits. […]

The Numbers

by 03/11/2002
Neighborhood: Lower Manhattan, World Trade Center

Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood was started in the year 2000, and we have published many stories about what happened in New York on 9/11/2001 and the months that followed. Today is the 20th anniversary of that day. We are featuring one of those stories this week. This story was first published on March 11, 2002. (JM) Here […]

Love, Sin, and Redemption

by 09/03/2000
Neighborhood: West Village

Twice Told Tales is a feature that asks authors to revisit previously published pieces and write a brief introduction from their current vantage point. Cycles of Love, Sin, and Redemption at the Corner Bistro was originally published in September, 2000. The introduction, below, was published in May, 2018.   You get to a certain age and many […]