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Kate Millett Versus Elizabeth Wurtzel at the 10th St. Lounge

by 05/24/2003
Neighborhood: East Village

On a Monday night at the Tenth Street Lounge, the Third Wave met the Second Wave. The woman I was dating told me some older feminists were having their works read and asked if I was willing to be a token boy. I’d been a lone wolf studying feminist theory in college in the mid-80s, […]

The Silent Beauties of West 19th Street

by 01/02/2002
Neighborhood: Chelsea

Entering the Rootstein Mannequin Showroom on W.19th Street is just like entering a typical gallery opening, only there’s no art on the walls. Very slender people wearing fabulous clothes stand in groups of twos, threes, and fours engaging in hushed, exclusive discussions. You’re offered a drink and the stereo system plays some kind of sophisticated […]

Hat Tip

by 01/02/2001
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

I am–and I do not necessarily advise this–walking through the meatpacking district in a miniskirt. Pastis and co. not- withstanding, this area is one of my favorites in the city—- one of the only remaining places where, when the clubsters hail their last cab, the trucks still rumble up and haul in their real, tangible, […]