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Dr. Shoe

by 12/01/2011
Neighborhood: Uncategorized, Upper West Side

The next time your life coach tells you to reinvent yourself, think of this. During the years I worked on West 57th Street, I would sometimes browse in Daffy’s, a discount department store. I grew to expect to see (and hear) a certain salesperson who roamed the women’s shoe department, intoning, “Doctor Shoe here! Doctor […]


by 08/16/2011
Neighborhood: Murray Hill

My body fell victim to silence the minute I made impact with the ground that paved the intersection of 39th and 3rd. In the heart of Manhattan, time stood still. The everyday chatter of New York City; the yellow taxis squawking at pedestrians and the orchestra of shoes pounding the cement suddenly came to a […]

Dental Cares

by 02/26/2010
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

I have had a lot of trouble with my teeth, having been born with weak enamel in store in my childhood, a nutritional illness that almost killed me as an infant, and then a horribly incompetent dentist during my adolescence. Norbert Vaughan, who sadly encouraged his patients, even his teen-aged patients, to call him Norby. […]