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The Post-Breakup Drugs (feat. Kyp Malone from TV ON THE RADIO, at Clovis Books)

by the man with the funny camera 04/22/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

Kip from TV on the RADIO at Clovis Books in 2003

Murder Ink Diaries

by 03/11/2003
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

The woman seemed normal, if normal is someone who only buys two books a year.

Mr. Faulkner is Here and He’s Drunk

by 01/15/2003
Neighborhood: Midtown

A taxi deposited Faulkner at the gated entrance...

Three Lives Books

by 01/14/2003
Neighborhood: West Village

The cult of the Independent Bookstore: a contrarian view

Say It In Yiddish

by 02/13/2002
Neighborhood: All Over, Letter From Abroad

author of The Wonder Boys, The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, A Model World and other Stories, and an amazing first novel that

Leon Forrest and The Baffler Fire

by 01/19/2002
Neighborhood: All Over, Letter From Abroad

Why do they do it, why do writers stick to their insane and impractical projects?

Orange Lipstick at the Gotham Bookmart

by 01/03/2002
Neighborhood: Midtown

I had just gotten my hair cut and in reapplying lipstick in the dressing room afterward found that the only color I happened to have in my purse was slightly too bright, and a little bit orange–not harmonious at all. So I put on lots, blotted it, and put on more, figuring that one might […]