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Cats Are Prisoners

by 05/25/2008
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Little yellow post-it sticky notes were posted all over the apartment. “Help yourself” was on the refrigerator, “coffee’s here” was posted on the silver Gevalia canister. In big red letters atop the post-it note was, “Warning- Caffeinated” and a postscript, “I know how you are on caffeine,” all this accompanied with a little bewildered looking […]

The Ghost of Fred Revisited

by 03/02/2008
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Park Slope

Somehow through life’s twists and turns, I’ve come to live in vegan-shoe-wearing Park Slope and own a miniature wirehaired dachshund named, well, er, Pixie. Her full AKC designation is Tiny Tails Pixie Dust. Abridged or unabridged, her name is pure embarrassment, though it’s not my invention. At least I can say she came with her […]

Some Lice to Live

by 03/02/2008
Neighborhood: Midtown

I come home to find a message on my answering machine from the nurse at my daughter’s school. “We had a case of head lice in the 5th grade, so we did a school-wide check.” Pause. “Meredith has some nits.” I immediately think of The Thorn Birds, which I read when I was a kid. […]

The I of the Tiger

by 02/23/2008
Neighborhood: Midtown

    Tyger, tyger, burning bright,     In the forests of the night:     What immortal hand or eye,                 Could frame thy fearful symmetry?                              –William Blake For years he sailed around the city, his effigy an urban fixture beaming from the side of a bus, the prototypical comic book superhero, blond, blue-eyed and […]

How I Met My Match With Bedbugs

by 02/23/2008
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Park Slope

There is nothing more terrifying than finding a well-fed bedbug in your bed at 1 a.m. It’s even more of a rude awakening if the source of this bedbug can be traced back to a one-week stand you met through an online dating site. It all began last spring when I turned my attention to […]

Off-Leash: Heaven in Brooklyn

by 02/17/2008
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Park Slope

We had already lived in New York for a year when we discovered the park. A year since my husband and I moved from New Jersey to Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, a year since the most awfully timed disaster of the loss of a family member to brain cancer. That the family member was a […]

Where the Wild Dogs Are

by 02/17/2008
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Red Hook

Feraz and I are on the prowl in Red Hook. We drive slowly over wet cobblestone streets by the old wharves, past crumbling warehouses and parks bright with new grass over to Beard Street, where the silver frame of a new IKEA is going up. Two construction workers wave us over. “Have you caught ‘em […]

Squirrel in the Birdfeeder

by 01/19/2008
Neighborhood: Across the River, Long Island

There has always been something about the change in seasons, something that has stirred me to make changes in my life. I was married in winter and divorced in the spring, started a new job in fall and quit in the summer. That’s probably why it was in the beginning of winter when I decided […]

Mouse, or: The Botched Mercy-Killing

by 12/16/2006
Neighborhood: East Village

Of the millions of New York City’s undomesticated rodents, only one has caused me grief. I was raised in suburban Los Angeles, and so pre-war apartment living with pre-war apartment problems are new to me—and mice, specifically, have never threatened to pester me in my home. As summer turned to fall, however, my roommates and […]

The Beauty is a Beast

by 08/17/2006
Neighborhood: West Village

I saw him first. He was lounging; a big grey parrot perched above him while lizards slunk and swaggered in a terrarium nearby. Our eyes met; his were big and dark and luminous against pale coloring. He yawned. Stretched one arm up in a dramatic arch. There was another fellow right next to him, but […]

Scrambling Along the Roots and Rocks

by 08/10/2006
Neighborhood: Harlem

We took the train to the very top of Manhattan, exiting the subway into a neighborhood of large boulevards and boarded-up storefronts. Black sedans cruised by and occasionally stopped to ask us if we needed a taxi. At 9:30 on a Sunday morning, it was already steamy. This was only our fifth Sunday in the […]

The Bird Funeral

by 07/27/2006
Neighborhood: Midtown

This morning I saw a dead bird on 52nd Street. It was lying on its back on the sidewalk in between Park and Madison Avenues, in front of a Duane Reade Pharmacy. Its feet were in the air. At first I wasn’t sure if it was dead. It looked like it was just dozing, sunning […]