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Dante’s Traveling Inferno

by 08/11/2005
Neighborhood: Across the River, Multiple

Luck was on my side. The “Q” train pulled into the 34th Street station headed to Brooklyn. I was relieved, not just because I would be whisked home by the air conditioned subway train. It meant that I wouldn’t have to stand on one of the hottest subway platforms in the city, forced to breathe […]

Big Apple for the Teacher

by 04/24/2005
Neighborhood: Multiple, Outer Boroughs

So you’re teaching again. No, not the cushy adjunct work at the college where you got the MFA. This will be the crack your knuckles, roll up your sleeves type of teaching that New York City has to offer. Once you realized that The New Yorker was just as happy to ignore you with or […]

A Reading with Joe Tarot

by 03/01/2005
Neighborhood: Multiple, Union Square

It was a muggy Manhattan afternoon in August, and I was between movies. Not because I didn’t have air conditioning, but because I needed to distract my angry, heartbroken self, and movies, carefully spaced, were my drug of choice. I had seen La Ultima Baci at the Sunshine on Houston Street and was on my […]

On Eavesdropping

by 02/27/2005
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

“And three weeks later I found him dead in his apartment,” I overhear an old man say to his friend as I pass them on a street in the West Village. It’s all I get–the one, disembodied line. Another day, another street. I pass a man and a woman, and at that instant the man […]

Love and Heartbreak in New York

by 02/13/2005
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL by Rachel Cline ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF NOT SEEING HER AGAIN by Alex Jablonski CHRISTINA by Snooder Greenberg WEDDING PROPOSAL AT CAFE LOUP by Meghan Daum and Thomas Beller MAKING IT by Kendra Hurley THE KEPT BOY by John Epperson SEGWAY SIGHTINGS by Maud Newton BUTCH & NANCY by Jenni […]

Stories about Hair

by 12/23/2004
Neighborhood: Multiple

June 21, 2004 Straight Talk on Hair Village by Rachel W. Sherman No one who does Japanese hair straightening at Hair Village is Japanese….(more) November 24, 2002 The Politics of Hair Removal by Alicia Erian She was dirt cheap, and we shared an interest in politics….(more) Sal The Barber In The Make Believe Ballroom by […]

Goons of New York

by 07/04/2004
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

Midway through The Warriors, a lesbian gang called The Lizzies lures a detachment of Warriors back to their party pad, treacherously plying them with music, dancing, and the promise of good loving. Waylaying the Warriors just as Circe waylaid Odysseus and his crew, these jaunty lesbians proceed to transform the street-tough Warrior boys into randy […]

On The Aesthetics of Urban Walking and Writing

by 03/24/2004
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

A tugboat, wheezing wreaths of steam, Lunged past, with one galvanic blare stove up the River I counted the echoes assembling, one after another Searching, thumbing the midnight on the piers. Lights, coasting, left the oily tympanum of waters The blackness somewhere gouged glass on a sky And this thy harbor, O my City, I […]

Mr. Cheese and the Pajama Party

by 01/15/2004
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

It is 7:00pm, and I look down at my vibrating phone.  It’s from Mr. Cheese. Interesting.  I had met him awhile back, and he seemed nice enough, so we exchanged numbers.  But I rarely hear from him, and have never had more than a 5 minute conversation with the guy.  Hm.  I wonder what the […]

Blackout ’77: Part II

by 01/05/2004
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

Merchants and police had the first say, but in no time, countless others got into the fray. “They are jackals, that’s why,” said a city councilman who represented a heavily looted Brooklyn neighborhood. “Jackals who took advantages of the darkness to destroy our stores and services.” “Why do they do it?” asked an eighteen-year-old, as […]

Captain Z. and the Blackout

by 10/22/2003
Neighborhood: Lower Manhattan, Multiple

The air on the fourteenth floor of 1 Police Plaza is a little thick, and Captain Z. wheezes. “You’re wheezing,” I say. “I am not,” he says, and pulls out his asthma inhaler, shakes it, and takes a puff. His lung sounds immediately clear. It’s 4:30 on Thursday, August 14, exactly nineteen minutes after the […]

Forts and Fortifications

by 05/11/2003
Neighborhood: Across the River, Multiple

I was a fat, strange kid for whome Forts were very important. My parents used to drive from our upstate New York home to the Big Apple twice a year. For my parents those visits meant fine dining and Broadway shows . For me however, those visits meant Forts. Yes. Forts. I was interested in […]