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Twelfth Street

by 02/12/2010
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, West Village

Of all the streets in New York, 12th Street is the one with which I most identify. I’ve never actually lived on it, but it has threaded its way through my life and clung there. The street represents both some of my best and worst times. Not all of 12th Street, which runs from Avenue […]

And Bingo Was Her Name

by 02/06/2010
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, West Village

She looked like a collection of spheres stuck together to represent the female body. Round little torso, round little head, protruding chipmunk cheeks like those on the marionettes on that TV show “Spitting Image.” Dark little eyes that glared from some bottomless well of anger and pain. Her mail came addressed to two completely different […]

Sotto Voce

by 09/14/2009
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

“If you could be anything in the world and talent and money weren’t an issue, would you still be doing what you do, or something else?” My husband posed this question in an attempt to liven up a rather staid Upper East Side party one night. The gathered Wall Street wizards, lawyers and M.B.A. types […]

Two Readings This Week: St. Marks Books, Housing Works Cafe

by Neighborhood Writers 09/07/2009
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Thursday, Sept 10th: The St. Mark’s Books Reading Series presents a reading from “Lost and Found: Stories From New York,” featuring Sam Lipsyte, Bryan Charles, Betsy Berne, Debbie Nathan, Courtney Coveney, and Thomas Beller. @ Solas Bar 232 E. 9th Street (between 3rd and 2nd Aves) 7:30PM sharp ** Monday, Sept 14th: The Saint Ann’s […]

My Semester With Ralph Ellison

by 05/02/2009
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

In 1971 I took a class taught by Ralph Ellison, author of ‘The Invisible Man.’ It was my last year at the Washington Square Campus of New York University. In those days there was also a Bronx campus. Wannabe hippies, like me, went downtown. I was a little nervous about graduating, because most of the […]

A Mighty Herd of Doormen

by 11/18/2007
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Our doorman, John, wants an exercise bike for the lobby. I can imagine him on the bike, next to the sign that reads, “All Guests Must Be Announced.” Instead of greeting me, he would be riding the bike. Instead of buzzing the intercoms, the wheels would be churning and the perspiration on his brow would […]

In Search of a New Season: For the Knicks and the Rest of Us

by 06/15/2006
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Since my boyfriend, Alexis, injured his shoulder playing pick-up basketball, he’s been watching games from the sideline. Usually he’ll just stop for a couple of minutes, en route to wherever he—or we—are going. If a pick-up buddy says, “What’s up?” he’ll sometimes give them one of those street-hugs, where they grab each other’s hand and […]


by 12/07/2005
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Pink Eye

by 11/03/2005
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

My love life is typical in most respects. My relationships all have a beginning middle and end. With me it just happens that this all takes place in the span of a week. I don’t like to waste time. Day 1: My last affair began on a dark and stormy night. It was a Wednesday […]

Vacation as Defiance

by 09/01/2005
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

I had that week off from work. I hadn’t yet taken a summer vacation and figured that, like thousands of other New Yorkers, I would get the hell out of the city during that time. I’d walk in the August 29th protest march, make my sentiments known, and then hit the road. But as things […]

11 Years to Go: A Daughter Learns the Piano

by 06/21/2005
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

I hadn’t planned on adopting a piano. Long ago I sold my family piano to a neighbor; I rarely touched it and like most New Yorkers, we needed the space. Young and eager for cash, I never predicted I’d later feel guilty. Besides, a piano tuner called my spinet, whose keys my mother’s and brother’s […]

Sharon and the Falafel

by 04/24/2005
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

The rain smelled like spring. It was different than winter rain. We got caught in it, my friend Sharon and I. She asked the guy at the counter to taste a falafel to see if it was good enough. She had just been to Israel and knew her falafel from her ass, she told me. […]