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Bear Patrol

by 07/19/2011
Neighborhood: Midtown, Park Slope

The door to Karen’s office was open and I waved a little hello as I entered, indicating that I would only be a second. Karen was the creative director at the magazine publisher where I was freelancing as a copy editor. I thought there was something cozy about her, something very motherly, in a distracted […]

Hung Out

by 06/20/2011
Neighborhood: Park Slope

Looking out my kitchen window, I see a clothesline. It hasn’t always been there. It’s a bit saggy perhaps, and a long length of excess rope is untrimmed and dangling from the knot. But still, I look at this clothesline and feel pride. For it was I who put it there. My girlfriend Victoria and […]

Undone. A Moving Story.

by 05/22/2011
Neighborhood: All Over, Park Slope, Upper West Side

In graduate school, I dated a skinny fiction writer named Dan. It was a good relationship at the time, always having someone willing to read your draft of this or that, but when the time came to move from the Upper West Side to Brooklyn, I needed less brains, more brawn, and that’s exactly what […]

Low Point at High Point

by 04/03/2011
Neighborhood: Park Slope, Uncategorized

As I walked past High Point Coffee on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn, a heavy bag of groceries in each hand, I was surprised, even alarmed, to see that the windows were dim. It wasn’t even eight o’clock yet on a warm April evening. However, I reflected as I approached, I am High Point Coffee’s only […]

Renting The House of Usher

by 02/20/2011
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Park Slope, Uncategorized

The Doctor and I weren’t hung-over, since we were still drunk from the night before. That morning we ventured out to the western fringe of Park Slope to view this mysterious townhouse that Anya had bought. Along with Harris, friend and fellow casualty of the previous evening, we staggered down 4th Avenue under the steely […]

Lost and Found in Prospect Park

by 01/08/2011
Neighborhood: Park Slope, Prospect Heights

Having stayed in my apartment the better part of the last week or so, today I decided to hop on my bike and do some writing out of doors. It was a breezy 68 degrees and I wanted to enjoy the pleasant mildness of early fall before it became the cold old dreary, crappy, disgusting […]

Scooter Boy

by 12/31/2010
Neighborhood: All Over, Manhattan, Park Slope, The East River

I was almost killed the other night. Really. That’s not so unusual because for the last number of years I’ve been riding my motor scooter all over New York. This has made me fair game for the city’s automobile drivers. Each trip I take turns into a mortality tale. I love riding my scooter. I’m […]


by 09/11/2010
Neighborhood: Park Slope

I stared at them dressing each other with tutus and flower headbands, giggling, unaware and being in the moment. “I’ll be right back girls. I love you sweetie.” I signaled to my friend Michelle to come to the door out of their earshot. “What else should I get? I mean can I get you anything?” […]

Nina’s Wedding

by 02/12/2010
Neighborhood: Park Slope

If my twenty-year-old sister Janet not been maid of honor, I would not even have been invited to my neighbor Nina Milano’s wedding. Nina was 18, one year younger than I, and her fiancé Larry was just 21 on their wedding day, not that unusual in 1969, when many young men, Larry included, were drafted […]

To Hell and Back: My Trip to IKEA in Red Hook

by 01/23/2010
Neighborhood: Park Slope, Red Hook

I’ve lived in my apartment in Park Slope for about seven months now, yet somehow I’ve entirely neglected getting curtains for the windows in the living room. It never really occurs to me that this is a problem unless I’m home during the afternoon on a sunny day. At night, I like the uncovered windows […]

My Family’s Fatal Relationship With Public Transportation

by 08/22/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Park Slope

My family has a particular vulnerability, a fatal relationship really, with public transportation. Aunt Aneila, running to catch a bus, was hit and killed by a post office truck on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn long before I was born. “Mowed down like a dog,” my mother used to say. Uncle Donald had a heart attack […]

The Searchers

by 08/09/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Park Slope

We weren’t exactly seasoned foragers. I had only been foraging in the city a few months before I met Neil, who lucked into it the Saturday he rode his bicycle in Prospect Park and found our group picking field greens. But we had come into it in the same way—we were both dealing with break-ups […]