Thomas H. Haines


Tom Haines has lived on the Upper West Side since 1953; from 1965 to 2009, he and his family owned and lived in two small apartment buildings, 12 and 14 West 68th Street. Tom has just published, with Mindy Lewis, his memoir: A Curious Life: From Rebel Orphan to Innovative Scientist (Post Hill Press, August 2019). It’s the funny and moving story of how he grew up in the Graham School, the first private orphanage in New York City, founded by Eliza Hamilton, widow of Alexander Hamilton. With a BS and MS from City College of New York, and a PhD in chemistry from Rutgers, he taught chemistry and biochemistry at CCNY and the CUNY Graduate Center. In 1973, under President Robert Marshak, he set up the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, now part of CUNY Medical School, where he taught biochemistry until retiring in 2007. He has also been a longtime political activist. For more, see:
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There Really Was a Mafia on the Upper West Side

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Published on: 11/03/2019