Jay Blotcher


Jay Blotcher moved to New York City in May 1982 and began writing for Christopher Street and The New York Native, two publications for the New York City gay community. Blotcher was a member of the founding chapters of the activist groups ACT UP and Queer Nation. Blotcher has written for The New York Times, Spy, Backstage, Boston Phoenix, Salon, Outweek, Advocate and Out and his nonfiction essays appear in eight anthologies. He currently lives in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State and writes for several regional magazines.




Back Room Clown

From West Village about
Published on: 06/04/2006

Todd of The Sidewalks

From East Village &West Village about ,
Published on: 02/06/2004

The Going Away Party

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Published on: 01/31/2004