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The Jewish Club Goes to Philadelphia

by 06/01/2024
Neighborhood: Brighton Beach, Philadelphia

It was 1985 and the “Jewish Club” was a social club that seemingly popped up from nowhere at Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn.  One day, we were told this club existed and that a woman named Akiva  would be coming to the school every few weeks to run the club’s meetings.  Akiva wasn’t a […]

I Know About His Ear

by 05/03/2015
Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn

Aunt Judy’s a teenager and my grandmother takes her shopping at Mays Department store in Downtown Brooklyn. Nana chooses the item she wants, then leans close to Judy. “Watch this.” Nana trumpets: “This is too expensive! I’m not paying this much!” A clerk says, “Ma’am, that’s the price.” “Oh, no! You’re not doing that to […]