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You Gotta Believe

by 07/02/2009
Neighborhood: Queens, Shea Stadium

My best friend Rebecca’s birthday present this year was two tickets to see the Mets at Shea Stadium. After a bag search and full-body metal-detector sweeping, we made it to our seats just in time to sit out the national anthem. I like to get to a ball game on time, if only for the […]

The Hidden Deal: Underground Poker in NYC

by 05/20/2009
Neighborhood: Across the River, Queens

The story was supposed to begin here at an illegal poker hall in Queens called The River, but The River ran dry and I’m left staring at a blackened door with a mailbox next to it that says, FISH. It must have been a marker or tag for new players to locate the building. Fish […]

How I Got All of New York to Cheer For Me On My Morning Run

by 05/08/2009
Neighborhood: All Over, From The Archives, Multiple

This past 2nd of November, I walked two blocks from my apartment to 4th Ave in Brooklyn to watch the 38th running of the New York City Marathon. However, rather than being inspired, I immediately felt jealous. The cheering crowd shouting the runner’s names and shared nationalities as they ran by giving a quick nod […]

The Duke of Rock

by 05/08/2009
Neighborhood: East Village

Tompkins Square Park had basketball courts. Full-court games were played close to Avenue B. Half-court was against the fences of the asphalt baseball field on Avenue A. Players were 50% neighborhood and 50% from the rest of the city. The quality of the competition was not up to West 4th Street or 125th Street, but […]

A Visit with the Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving and Chowder Society

by 11/18/2008
Neighborhood: Midtown

Shortly after noon on October 7, a Harpo Marx horn was blown four times and the monthly Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving and Chowder Society meeting came to order. Founded in 1957 by CBS Radio executive Art Peck and advertising executive King Moore to generate media for car enthusiasts, the Society meets monthly to talk […]

The View from Ebbets Field, 60 Years after Jackie Robinson Broke Baseball’s Color Barrier

by 11/10/2008
Neighborhood: Across the River, Brooklyn

Photo by Cannon Kinnard The faded green sign at 1700 Bedford Avenue that reads “NO BALL PLAYING” has had tenants of Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field Apartments laughing at the irony, as they walk across the street to Jackie Robinson Park to play ball. This is the former site of Ebbets Field baseball park; home of the […]

Marie’s Golden Cue

by 10/04/2008
Neighborhood: All Over, Brooklyn

A couple Sundays ago my husband and I played pool, something I haven’t done in years. I’d been invited to an appreciation party for volunteers of the Old Town School of Folk Music, a Chicago institution that recently celebrated it’s 50th anniversary. I’ve never attended an OTSFM volunteer party, but this one took place about […]

Requiem for William A. Shea Municipal Stadium

by 08/26/2008
Neighborhood: Across the River, Queens

The Mets new home, Citi Field looms in the outfield at Shea Stadium. (Photo: Kevin Nolan) I recall being shocked the first time I heard someone call Shea Stadium a shithole. He was a stranger, a gray-haired man in a mesh Mets cap, missing several bicuspids and an incisor. I was a wee boy walking […]

Surviving the 5 Boro Bike Tour

by 06/01/2008
Neighborhood: All Over, Manhattan

This winter I spent two months in Michigan working on a book. Halfway through my stay my girlfriend called and said her parents were visiting New York soon, coming from California to ride in the annual Five Boro Bike Tour. She said they wanted us to do it with them. I said I’d think about […]

Where We’re From

by 04/06/2008
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

It is rare, in New York, so I’ve noticed, that conversations pop up with strangers but I have experienced a few. I was in the bakery down the street from my apartment on the Upper West Side, the one with only two tables and a line out the door, and I was searching for the […]

Small Claims is a War of Attrition

by 04/06/2008
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

It is a cool, dry August evening and I am in a windowless room at 111 Centre Street. I leave New York, the city of my birth, in less than a week. Yet, through a series of escalating events, I choose to be here, stubbornly clinging to the dream of winning back a minor sum […]

The Last Days of Roller Disco

by 02/17/2008
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

Through the cinder-block walls of the roller rink, the beat leaks out onto Empire Boulevard. Inside, it’s two steps from the door to the rail of the rink where the skaters sail towards you, past you, and away, rounding the curve and bouncing to the beat; as they cruise down the far straightaway there is […]