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Pink Eye

by 11/03/2005
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

My love life is typical in most respects. My relationships all have a beginning middle and end. With me it just happens that this all takes place in the span of a week. I don’t like to waste time. Day 1: My last affair began on a dark and stormy night. It was a Wednesday […]

Mop Her Up: Homeless at the Vertical Club

by 09/29/2005
Neighborhood: Midtown

For six years I worked as a trainer and gym floor manager at the Vertical Club. What Studio 54 was to 1970s New York, the Vertical Club (VC) was to 1980s New York. A warehouse-sized health club, complete with neon lights and blaring dance music, it was where the Big Apple’s social elite came to […]

Rear Guard: Right Guard

by 07/12/2005
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

I stink. It’s not a good stink, musky, that hints of a hard workout but doesn’t offend. I’m offensive. I’ve been in New York for a month-and-a-half. I still haven’t done laundry. The one suitcase I brought held seven shirts, six pairs of boxers, four pairs of pants (one pair only for occasions), two pairs […]

Exchanging Vices with the McDonald’s Breakfast Crowd

by 06/27/2005
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

I’m in the McDonald’s on Broadway and 82nd one morning, walking towards the counter, about to order a Sausage McMuffin with Egg: a special breakfast vice that I allow myself in exchange for having given up cigarettes, which makes two breakfast vices now that I’ve started smoking again. Floating in a compact mirror above a […]

Any Given Sunday

by Nina D'Amario 03/03/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Caroll Gardens

The real estate maxim “location, location, location” dictates that just building it won’t make them come, you have to build it under their noses. While this may hold for the surfeit of restaurants and Starbucks in New York City, the exact opposite is true for laundromats. Wherever, and however shoddily they are built, people come, […]

No Sex at Wesleyan University

by 01/02/2001
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Ê To members of the snoopy national media who still call to inquire, Brian Brown, a junior at Wesleyan University, insists, at articulate length, that he is no aspiring porno king. His favorite book is Vladimir Nabokov’s “Pale Fire”, and he is currently immersed in the films of avant-garde German directors like Werner Herzog, and […]

What You Least Want to Hear From a Stranger at Key Food: “You Are So Beautiful”

by 01/02/2001
Neighborhood: East Village

It was just after 2 am on Tuesday, December 5, 2000 at Key Food on the corner of 4th and Avenue A in the East Village. I felt the sudden urge for some Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. After removing a box of Spirals from the top shelf, I proceeded to the check-out. There were a […]