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Introduction to Katrina: A Baton Rouge Diary

by The Editors 09/10/2005
Neighborhood: Letter From Abroad

Johnny Adriani lived in New Orleans. Then, shortly before the Hurricane Katrina disaster, he moved to Baton Rouge. Johnny is a former EMT, and he has tried to lend a hand to Baton Rouge residents and city officials faced with shortages, traffic, civil unrest, and more that have developed since tens of thousands of New […]

Katrina: A Baton Rouge Diary, Part 2

by 09/09/2005
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

September 2, 2005: Rumors From the local paper: “Rumors of evacuees rioting and looting at Wal-Mart are false,” it said. “Please do not assume that information heard is true unless it is from a law-enforcement officer or a release from the office of the Mayor-President.” This statement is not exactly fact — certainly the incident […]

Katrina: A Baton Rouge Diary, Part 1

by 09/09/2005
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August 29, 2005: Update from BR — 03:30 Several people attempted to reach me during the afternoon — I apologise for being “in medias res” of the realm of chaos. I am unsure at this time what will be left of New Orleans when all is said and done, though, I do hold out some […]