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A Little Bit of Smut

by 11/30/2004
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

To the woman on Craigslist who wanted to know the difference between ‘booty call’ and ‘F*ck Buddy.’ by Vince Passaro The Local F*ck by A. Leigh French Kissing The Cab Driver by Maura Kelly Things We Say To Cops (Things Cops Say to Us) by Rick Rofihe

The Local F*ck

by 11/22/2004
Neighborhood: Manhattan

I had made a plan to meet some friends at a place that had opened just one week ago. The prior weekend, we ended up there at three in the morning, and the scene was good: under-populated, smooth, steel drum-like lounge music, a few good-looking peoples. I was impressed by the Mondrian-inspired decor, and the […]

A Bar Called Denial

by 10/06/2004
Neighborhood: SoHo

It was my last few hours in New York City, enough time to swig several drinks with a friend before catching a shuttle to La Guardia. I was booked on a red-eye flight back to San Francisco, so with soliciting a few gin and tonics foremost in mind, I headed straight to the bar. Denial […]


by 09/12/2004
Neighborhood: Financial District

The young musician met the older musician after a concert. It was in a building just south of Wall Street, a part of the city that morphs into a ghost town on late weekend nights. The concert space was run by an organization dedicated solely to the arts and therefore was unheated despite the brutal […]

Confessions of an Accidental Voyeur

by 05/26/2004
Neighborhood: Astoria, Queens

I was sitting in the front seat of Frank’s Cadillac Seville when he pulled out of a parking space and whipped into a u-turn without looking. We both saw the approaching headlights too late…and yeah, we got hit. In those pre-seat belt law days, my left hand reached out to the glove compartment to brace […]

The Kept Boy

by 08/02/2003
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

While studying piano in college in Mississippi in the mid-seventies, I discovered I could make money with my ability at the keyboard. I played the pipe organ at a church in Hazlehurst, where my parents still live, every Sunday morning. During the week I played the piano for singing lessons and ballet classes in Jackson […]

The Hubris of Youth

by 07/22/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

When I was about fifteen, I was really full of myself and thought I could dive. So, I invited this girl to go to the St. George Pool in Brooklyn, which then was the Mecca for all the Olympic divers and swimmers. I was going to impress the hell out her when she saw what […]

A Small Price to Pay

by 02/12/2003
Neighborhood: Astoria, Queens

It was a big mistake inviting her, a big mistake. She wasn’t worth all the fuss I’d made. I hadn’t seen her in a year and time is rarely kind; she was only twenty- eight but it seemed she’d already been launched into her prime and was now backsliding into the uncomfortable stages of bad […]

I Found a Man in Central Park

by 02/03/2003
Neighborhood: Central Park

I found a man in Central park. I’d been running around the reservoir on a weekend and needed to get home and shower. I wiped my T-shirt on my face, and bent down to tie a lace, and I heard a man telling a joke. I heard him telling the back-story about how this certain […]

Kansas City Justin

by 01/28/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

I’ve been dating a Mid-western man for the past two months.  Well, it’s actually been one month that I’ve been dating him, and one month that he’s been away in Florida “visiting his mother.”  This man happens to be the oldest I have ever dated–41–ten years my senior.  Perfect, I thought. Older, more mature, has […]

Turpentine Encounter

by 01/03/2003
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

He is a pop artist of modest fame. I know he once designed a Barneys window display, and I think he paints murals for Unicef. Beyond that, I know very little about him. Aside from what he looks like naked. It began innocently enough: I was stumbling home in an uncomfortable pair of shoes when […]

The Scream

by 01/03/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Park Slope

It had been a shitty summer. I left a miserable job for another, better one that paid me a lot less. To save money I moved from a one-bedroom apartment to a studio across the hall. The dead bolt on my new door was tricky, and so it slammed on my hand one day, leaving […]