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A Cab Driver Prepares

by 09/01/2005
Neighborhood: Midtown

One morning last August, a week before the Republican National Convention, I took a cab to my studio in the Film Center Building on 45th and 9th. My cabdriver was wearing a natty chauffeur’s uniform, cap and all. Once we got going, he smiled at me in the rearview mirror and said, “I guess you’re […]


by 09/01/2005
Neighborhood: Chelsea

(Following is an excerpt from “Chapter 15: Prelude to Battle” of “Now is Not a Good Time,” a book-in-progress about (among other things) progressive patriotism, the antiwar movement during the first term of the Bush administration, and one woman’s attempt to learn to love her country and its people—if not its government—in complicated and troubling […]