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The Day The War Started

by 03/24/2003
Neighborhood: Midtown, Multiple

At about quarter to five this past Thursday I got into a cab at 56th and Broadway; my destination was the Port Authority and the Short Line Bus to my home in Orange County. It was a rainy, miserable day and I was damned glad to get the cab. My driver was relievedly Haitian — […]

Bubby’s Departure

by 02/11/2003
Neighborhood: All Over, Brooklyn, Multiple, West Village

I went to Penn Station to snap a picture or two and perhaps in the process imbibe a feeling for my grandmother, Bubby, who went there ten years ago (this month) to catch a train… I didn’t know Bubby growing up. She and my dad had a fight when I was 2 and didn’t speak […]

Everybody Poops

by 02/04/2003
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

I found “Timmy’s Potty” laying on the carpet beneath our bed this morning. It’s a toilet training video that my wife purchased for our son about a month ago. It was odd to see it again. I remember the day my wife brought it home from the hippie bookstore. More specifically, I remember how she […]

Things We Say To Cops (Things Cops Say to Us)

by 01/19/2003
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

Illustrations by Elisha Cooper 1971. When I was still a student and first visited New York City, the couple at whose place I was staying suggested we take a walk to the piers near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. While we were crossing the roadway there, where the signs clearly prohibit pedestrians from crossing, […]

Subway Studies

by 12/28/2002
Neighborhood: Astoria, Multiple

Today, I walk the stairs up to the elevated platform, ready to join 3.5 million of my closest friends on the subway. Just a few days before a possible transit workers strike was to have happened. Being unable to get into Manhattan would have hurt my wallet but, I remind myself, there are bigger issues […]

9/11 Archive

by 12/26/2002
Neighborhood: Multiple, World Trade Center

  The View From the Seventieth Floor by Sandy Gelpieryn Death Masks at Ground Zero by Kendra Hurley The Numbers by Bryan Charles The View From Silver Lake Park by Gabrielle Walter Don’t Look Back by Kevin McLeod Scenes From The Brooklyn Bridge by Jim Merlis The View From Long Island Part Ii by Adam […]

Neighborhood Dogs: Drawings by Elisah Cooper

by bye 12/02/2002
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

Once upon a time there was a drawing of a man and his dog. It was by William Steig. It was what the distinguished artist produced when we asked him to draw something that we at the Neighborhood could use as a, a, a…. (it’s to the right)… something. A Logo is the word I […]

Detachment and the Yoga Teacher

by 12/02/2002
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

First of all, and please note that this preventive axiom applies to many long and painful life detours, never take a job that you hate, particularly when it happens to be with a large company where people refer to working in their offices until 11:00 p.m. as “staying late” and recount it—“I could just relax. […]

Unfinished City

by 12/02/2002
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, Multiple

Lately when I go for a walk I make a vow not to walk under any scaffolding, in protest of there being so much of it these days. Two minutes later I realize I’m walking under scaffolding. One day I stopped and looked at the scaffolding around the NYU tower at East 8th Street and […]

Just One More, Please

by 08/14/2002
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

It’s not easy to ask for a picture from a fireman’s widow or a mother who has just lost a child. That’s the worst aspect of my high-pressure job as a member of the New York City working press. I step into people’s lives, often for less than an hour, usually in moments of great […]

Outward Bound on the East River

by 07/11/2002
Neighborhood: Multiple, The East River

It was the beginning of summer and my two young sons had taken to counting Jaguars. “There’s one!” Alex, then eight, would cry, elated, from the backseat of the car. “Oh, there’s another one.” “Look over there—there’s two more!” five-year-old Ferran would trill. Anyone unfamiliar with the Hamptons might have assumed we were on a […]

The Believer

by 03/24/2002
Neighborhood: Multiple

In October 1965, the New York Times received a tip that a young man arrested at a recent Ku Klux Klan demonstration in the Bronx was, in fact, a Jew. His name was Daniel Burros, he was twenty-eight, and lived in Ozone Park, Queens. Until a few months earlier he had been a high-ranking member […]