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Funky Piers of Tribeca

by 12/01/2005
Neighborhood: Tribeca

I’m savoring the last days of Pier 25, which closes next month for a three year renovation. I loved this funky wharf in Tribeca– a rest stop on my daily bike rides through Hudson River Park. I would visit the Sweet Love Snack Shack for a lemonade or veggie burger grilled on an old fashioned […]

Brookti & Me: A Story of Adoption, Episode #2

by 02/13/2005
Neighborhood: Tribeca

The introduction to this column, and its first episode, can be read here. ** Episode #2: I expected freaky racial—and class—‘episodes’, which are inevitably intertwined, when Brookti touched down. I knew the most common ones to expect and assumed I’d easily brush them off. What I didn’t expect: how intricate the race/class hiearchys are (I […]

Brookti & Me: A Story of Adoption

by 01/27/2005
Neighborhood: Tribeca

Brookti came from Ethiopia 8 months ago when she was around two. Initially I’d tried to adopt domestically, but it turns out that adopting in the U.S. as a single mother, aside from being a 21st century version of some kind of slave trade, (i.e. black/interracial children are ‘a third of the price’ of Hispanic […]

Village Car Wash

by the man with the funny camera 06/08/2003
Neighborhood: Tribeca

This man is proud of his work. He’s from Russia.

On Cleaning: An Interview With My Mother

by 02/04/2003
Neighborhood: Tribeca

I wasn’t always a compulsive cleaner. Quite the contrary: I was once slovenly and slothful– an unmitigated slob. The cleaning disease crept up on me over the years like a bad case of the measles; until, lo and behold, I’d become a fullblown clean freak. The kind who, at 6:00pm, reaches for the Fantastik with […]

At The New York Academy of Art You Are Always Being Watched

by 10/12/2002
Neighborhood: Tribeca

Pictures by Josh Gilbert I dropped by the New York Academy of Art with my spiffy digital camera, feeling like an artist and ready to snap a few pics while I waited for my friend, Beag. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to feel like a fraud. For one thing, my friend […]

Saturday Morning at Puffy’s

by 02/17/2002
Neighborhood: Tribeca

A few drunk men standing around the television in Puffy’s Tavern on a Saturday morning is not that unusual for the historic watering hole–back before when Tribeca became DeNiro-ified, a man “Puffy” opened his bar at the corner of Hudson and Harrison at 6 a.m. and closed it at 4 in the afternoon so the […]

A Visit From The Red Cross, and Abc, Nbc, Cnn…

by 02/17/2002
Neighborhood: Tribeca

During the past few weeks, representatives from Red Cross have been going around to people who live below Canal St (in Tribeca, oddly enough, not Chinatown) offering them financial compensation whether they needed it or deserved it, or not. They came to my door. After they left,I wrote about the experience. It was an innocent […]

Year of the Horse

by 02/05/2002
Neighborhood: Tribeca

I went to XO on Walker Street last night. It’s a small Chinese restaurant, far enough from mott street that little English is spoken there. It’s the kind of restaurant where i like to go by myself…sit at the bar, suck down the rice noodle with shrimp and chinese vegetable, and hide behind a paper […]

The Model Apartment

by 02/04/2002
Neighborhood: Tribeca

We were from out of town. We had finished school, were about to get engaged, and were moving to New York at the end of the summer. They showed us a “model apartment.” They put the hard sell on us. They asked us for a deposit in the form of a money order (can’t cancel […]

James Bogardus:
The Inventor’s Triangle

by 01/02/2002
Neighborhood: Tribeca

Bogardus was a watch-maker and inventor who was awarded thirteen US patents and one British patent, for clocks, spinning machinery, grinding mills, gas meters, and devices for pressing glass cuttings, working with rubbers and making postage stamps. He built the first cast-iron fa?ade in history in 1848 at 183 Broadway (it has since been destroyed). […]

Volunteers of America

by 12/05/2001
Neighborhood: Tribeca

My buzzer rang. It was 4:30 in the afternoon on one of those eerie perfect blue sky 60 degree days–eerie partly because it was late January, and partly because in my neighborhood, Tribeca, those kind of days, for obvious reasons, never fail to trigger a deep foreboding. “Who is it?” I yelled into the intercom. […]