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Outsiders at the Outsider Art Fair

by 04/13/2004
Neighborhood: SoHo

At the Outsider Art Fair – held in the Puck Building from January 23rd-25th – there were as many men with ponytails as there were terms to describe the art they had come to buy: grassroots, vernacular, folk, visionary, Nueve Invention. Yet there was little question as to who were the most important artists in […]


by 03/25/2004
Neighborhood: SoHo

As most everyone by now knows, a little family of French bistros lies scattered over the lower half of Manhattan, as if arranged by the single pass of a great pepper mill. Named Le Gamin (save one Le Deux Gamin), each is a neighborhood place, a paradox of quiet and noisy, sunny and dark, boring […]

by Thomas Beller 05/22/2003
Neighborhood: SoHo

Adrian Dannatt is not a man easily persuaded to perform manual labor, or labor of any kind. Anything that requires physical effort usually elicits from him an expression of mild horror and incredulity, as though you’d asked if he’d like to stroke a pet cockroach. Therefor it was a memorable occasion when I came upon […]


by 02/04/2003
Neighborhood: SoHo

“I want to crawl head first into a small cave and curl up into a fetal position.” -From Tanya Corrin’s journal, February 7, 2001 Tanya Corrin and I are having brunch in Little Italy and discussing reality TV shows like ‘Survivor’ and ‘The Real World.’ She’s saying that she doesn’t think that they’re real at […]

Still In the Game

by 12/18/2002
Neighborhood: SoHo

It’s been ten years, but I still keep it on the resume. I would venture to say it’s gotten me every job I’ve had since college, not to mention a book deal and more than a few birds to die for–one of whom is currently on her third Cosmo and showing no signs of slowing […]

What is This Building?

by 06/13/2002
Neighborhood: SoHo

We decided to visit Manhattan and everyone agreed that was a good idea. In the weeks before we left Scotland emails and telephone calls arrived telling us all the places which we absolutely must see, and all the things which we absolutely must do. On arrival, we followed instructions and headed down towards the World […]

The Parakeet Book

by 02/04/2002
Neighborhood: SoHo

This very quiet bird, with whom I am hoping to build a relationship, is called Number Two. I received Number Two and his ex-companion, Number One, as a Valentine’s day present from a woman I used to go with. Her name was Johanna. Johanna used to work in my office–in fact she used to work […]

Pasta Peculiar

by 01/20/2002
Neighborhood: SoHo

The elevator doors open and all I see is pasta drying on cardboard tubes. Multi-colored striped pasta, as if the most important costume from a prep school’s production of Sondheim’s Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat had been passed through some improbably large papershredder. Lasagne sheets from the kitchen of Mimi Oka and Doug Fitch, […]

Even Love’s a Possibility

by 11/16/2001
Neighborhood: SoHo

First dates are about inventing a new language, minute by minute. Smoking is the first level of communication. The realm of intergender semaphore is entirely bottlenecked through nicotine. If there’s no smoking then the glances, brushed hair, knuckle touching can reach comedy. Push the date even further and meet in a restaraunt in Nolita, the […]

Hemut Lang speaks

by Thomas Beller 05/01/2001
Neighborhood: SoHo

Style and Structure With Helmut Lang By Thomas Beller Helmut Lang spent his boyhood years roaming the alps in shorts. He was a country boy until he turned ten, when his father re-married and moved to Vienna, whereupon his step mother proceeded to enforce a strict dress code of suits and ties. Needless to say, […]