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More Stories From Engine 16

by 11/06/2001
Neighborhood: Murray Hill

Paul Lee I came in about 8:30 that morning, changed into my uniform, and then a few minutes later they announced plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I was thinking to myself, is this real or is it just a fake or is it an accident, whatever it was. Just a few minutes […]

Calese Becker: The Poetics Of Smell

by Thomas Beller 01/02/2001
Neighborhood: Murray Hill

These days, it is she who gets on her tip toes when we greet each other or say good-bye. But she still wears that same perfume for special evenings, and when I smell it I’m transported, without even being aware of it, not so much to a particular time, but to a feeling, that wondrous, […]

Coffee Hut Slut

by 01/02/2001
Neighborhood: Murray Hill

I have been flirting with the coffee man for about three weeks now. Every morning, as I am about to round the corner into the construction site I work near, I ask him for a large coffee, skim no sugar three Equals. The first time I went to him, he asked me how many sugars […]