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When Did You Stop Thinking About 9/11?

by 01/02/2002
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

The other day I got an email forward from a friend, an occurrence that typically happens more often than I brush my teeth in a day. As forwards go, it was all right. It lacked the berserk brilliance of the recent “Every Time You Masturbate God Kills a Kitten” forward, but at least it also […]

Turn of the Century on Bridge

by 01/01/2002
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

We had such great plans. We wanted to kiss off the second millennium, and this goal directed our New Year’s Eve itinerary: a matinée of the “Rocky Horror” stage show (the icon for which, of course, is the juicy pair of lipsticked lips), dinner at Lips (a West Village drag-queen restaurant) and drag-queen extraordinaire Lypsinka’s […]

Death of a Salesman’s Car

by 12/29/2001
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

The city issued the “gridlock alert” days as far back as November and Mayor Giuliani encouraged all of us to utilize mass transit. At the same time, he gave cryptic warnings of “zero tolerance” for all motor vehicle violations… So it’s December 21, the last full weekday before Christmas Eve, as well as one of […]

See You Later, Alligator

by 11/04/2001
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

A favorite phrase of my mother’s, those early days in Brooklyn, was “See you later, Alligator.” She would send my brother Wally to play with his friend next door. And she would leave me with Fanny, the so-called cleaning lady, a monolithic black woman who took perverse pleasure in threatening to scrub my mouth with […]

Urban Renewal

by 10/19/2001
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

Ten days had passed since 9/11 and I found myself heading toward the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights. This is where I watched events unfold on 9/11. It was a quiet Friday morning, a dozen or so people sat along the benches gazing out toward the strangely familiar yet suddenly unfamiliar skyline. To my surprise, numerous […]

I’m So Glad You’re Alive

by 10/15/2001
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

For years I’ve been answering the questions: “You live in New York City? Like, right in New York City?” I live in Brooklyn Heights, but this is a distinction meaningful only to those with 100- zip code prefixes, so I would say yes and try to explain. It wasn’t what they thought, I would say, […]

The Grand Candelabra

by 09/23/2001
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

The weekend after the World Trade Center collapsed, I went down toward the Promenade to see what was left of the skyline. The Promenade is a walkway at the edge of the Brooklyn Heights bluffs where you can see all the landmarks of the city at once, from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire […]

Scenes From The Brooklyn Bridge

by 09/21/2001
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

I was in the shower when our building shook! My wife yelled out and I ran out of the shower and saw that the second tower had been hit. It was then we knew that it was a terrorist hit. It was so difficult to fathom. I decided I wasn’t going to let a terrorist […]

This is Bad

by 09/11/2001
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

The story unfolded quickly, but with the usual peculiar sense that we are always on the verge of being at the end of the event. We always think that what we can fathom is all there is to fathom. Like during a blackout, when our first thought is always, “Oh! My lights are off.” For […]